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Learn How to set up new user accounts in OS X Lion

Adding new users to your Mac gives family members their very own space on your Mac

The trouble with your Mac being such a cool computer is that everyone wants to get their hands on it. Luckily, rather than letting everyone mess up your workspace and perfectly ordered chaos, you can create user accounts for everyone and give them their own space. What’s more, you can dial in the access you want them to have to the applications you use and files that they can see. This way they get what they think is a great Mac experience, and you know that no matter what, they can’t mess up the harmony of your own Mac life. The process is really simple, so much so, that everyone in your family can have a user account. They can then go ahead and personalise it and make it their own. You can easily swap between accounts whenever you like, so you needn’t worry about the embarrassment of having Justin Bieber appear in your browser history when the kids want to look on the internet.

step11: Add new user account

Use the plus button on the bottom of the list of accounts to create a new account. You may need to type a password to gain access to this feature. You can also delete accounts here using the minus button.

2: Account type

The first thing you are required to do is pick the type of account you want to create. If you want to use Parental Controls, turn over the page for a full tutorial on what you can do with this. Fill out the form.

3: Password

You don’t have to add a password, but for security reasons it’s best to. Use one that both you and the account holder will remember, and then create a really good hint, too.

4: As easy as that

With the form filled out, your user account is ready. You can access it anytime from any other account, and from the login screen on your machine when other users log out, or when it turns on.

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