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Learn how to import photos into your iPhoto Library

We get back to basics with iPhoto and learn the simplest way to add new photos to your library. Follow our step-by-step guide and you'll be importing in no time.

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Featured

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Featured
iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Sidebar
iPhoto is a brilliant tool, and for many people it has been the biggest reason for buying a Mac in the past few years.
Recently it’s gained some really amazing features like Faces, which uses facial recognition software to recognise your friends and family in your snaps, and Places, which takes location data stored in a photo’s file and places a marker on a world map to show where it was taken. However, if you’re brand new to iPhoto, you may want to start with the simplest tasks. If this sounds like you, then iPhoto 101 is for you, as we’ll be taking you through basic features in iPhoto and bringing you up to speed so you can follow the other tutorials in the magazine. Once you’ve mastered these skills you’ll soon be ready to move onto more complex photo- editing techniques, as well as explore iPhoto’s various sharing options. For now, let’s take a look at the different ways you can get your snaps into your Library, whether it’s from an external device like an iPhone, or just from a file of images you have in Finder.

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Step-by-Step

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Step 1

Step1: File menu

Selecting the File menu from the menubar and clicking Import will bring up the standard OS X Open window to enable you to add multiple photos quickly and easily.

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Step 2

Step 2: Select and Import

All you need to do is find the file containing your photos, then head up to Edit and choose Select All. This will highlight all the images, so all that’s left to be done is to click Import.

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Step 3

Step 3: Drag and drop

For a much easier way to add your Photos, locate them in the Finder and simply drag and drop them into the Events section of the iPhoto window. They will be instantly added to your Library.

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Step 4

Step 4: From a device

If you have a device connected, select it from the sidebar on the left. Then, click and drag around the photos you want to add and click Import Selected, or choose to import all.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

iPhoto Tutorial - Import Photos - Annotated