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Last-minute iOS 7 tidbits: camera filters, motion sensing

New rumours suggest Apple have been developing image filters for the camera app, and motion-sensing app aspects for iOS 7

iOS 7 may contain image filters as part of the camera app, and motion-sensing app aspects similar to the volume control in the current music app

9to5Mac has some last-minute iOS 7 tidbits in the rumour roundup it posted yesterday. The post include suggestions that Apple have been developing camera filters for the new system, as well as apps that react to movement of the iOS device in the hand.

“We understand that, as of a few months ago, Apple has been testing a few variants of a redesigned camera app that includes image-filter functionality. This feature would mirror what the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter camera apps currently offer. We understand that while many iOS engineers are excited about the potential of filters being built-in to the iPhone’s camera app, some Apple executives are not as fond of the feature. With that in mind, we are not sure if filters will make this year’s release.”

It seems that the site is hedging it’s bets a little here – first stating the system is in development, before saying it isn’t sure if they’ll be included in this year’s release. It gives the site a good way of saying “I told you so” if Apple announce the tech, but a get-out clause in case they don’t. There’s a similar theme in the information about motion sensing:

“We have heard whispers that Apple is testing new technologies could move on-screen objects based on the iOS device hardware being moved in-air. For example, app icons could slightly shift depending on the angle that the iPhone is being in held. The technology is similar to what allows the iOS 6 volume controls to rotate based on the iPhone being moved. We are not sure if this feature will make the cut for iOS 7, but the development of this technology is nonetheless intriguing.”

Again, it appears that 9to5 are again sitting on the fence here. Still, the information is interesting, and we’ll find out how right the site is on Monday. We’ll be covering the WWDC keynote live via Twitter, and you can also stay up to date with the latest stories as they break right here on The Keynote kicks off at 6pm GMT/10am EST/1pm PST.