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KMC 3 Wireless Music System Speaker Review

With a hefty price tag and some lofty claims, did the KMC 3 speaker impress us?

Klipsch KMC 3 Speaker Review
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Key features • Bluetooth connectivity • 3.5mm wired jack input • USB port for device charging

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RRP: £349/$399

Combining portability and power is no mean feat when you’re designing a wireless speaker, but Klipsch’s KMC 3 seems to have hit that sweet spot. On paper, the KMC 3 is impressive; boasting 130 watts of digital amplification and up to eight hours battery life on its highest volume, it certainly seems capable of bringing the party outdoors, across the fields, over the mountains and onto the beach. It’s not until you get it out of the box, though, that you realise just how much of a powerful beast this wireless speaker really is.

For a portable offering, the KMC 3 isn’t exactly light and we can’t imagine adding the eight D batteries required to make it run without wires would help here, either. The carrying handle is a wonderful touch and a saving grace, but you’re not going to want to walk for any more than half an hour with this under your arm. All that weight, combined with some stellar build quality makes for a solid-feeling unit that couldcertainlytaketherough and tumble of being carted around. The white, soft-touch plastic on the model we reviewed may well get a little grubby through life on the road, but a black model is also available.

Look and feel aside, it’s sound where the KMC 3 really delivers. Even on half-volume this speaker is powerful enough to fill a small room, with plenty of headroom for larger spaces or use outdoors. The sound itself is stellar, too, with plenty of low-end perfectly balanced with some pleasing mids and a crisp top-end. Klipsch’s combination of a 5.25- inch woofer, coupled with a pair of two-inch drivers seems to have done the trick here, ensuring clarity across the entire frequency spectrum the speaker covers.

The KMC 3 took both electronic dance music and singer-songwriter acoustic tracks in its stride, revealing some subtle nuances in the recordings that wejusthadn’theardonother speakers or headphones. It’s at this point that the KMC 3 really justifies its asking price and lives up to the legacy of other Klipsch products that have thoroughly impressed us in the past.

Klipsch may have designed this speaker for use on the go, but it certainly hasn’t fallen into the common trap of compromising on sound quality in this scenario. It’s a seriously impressive piece of kit despite its somewhat lofty asking price. When’s payday?

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Pros Superb sound quality, solid build and easy connectivity

Cons A little heavy to cart around, still pricey for some

Orange 5 Stars