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Kickstarter 10: Upgrade your existing tech

The top Kickstarter projects that breathe new life into your gadgets

GeoOrbital Wheel

With a built-in motor, this wheel can turn any bike motor-powered for an easier commute. The GeoOrbital Wheel only takes a minute to install and can reach speeds of 20mph.
£655 | $800 |


CamBuddy Pro

Compatible with a number of Canon and Nikon cameras, the CamBuddy Pro turns your DSLR into a smart device that can remotely take sound, lightning and even laser-triggered photos.
£125 | $150 |



Fitting easily onto blinds, the FlipFlic has sensors that respond to light or temperature. Open or close the blinds with the press of a button or automate them to open at a specific time.
£50 | $60 |


Unlimited Eon

Supercharge up your skateboard and reach speeds of 22mph with the Eon electric motor. Controlled via wireless remote, it can be installed onto any longboard or skateboard.
£645 | $800 |



Conscious of how much water you waste? The Altered:Nozzle attaches to your existing faucet and uses 98 per cent less water by atomising the stream from your tap into a heavy mist.
£45 | $55 |


Unique Smart Strap

Keep your favourite watch and turn it into a smart device. Hidden inside the strap is tech that allows you to receive notifications from your phone, dismiss calls with a tap and more.
£115 | $140 |



Emulating the sound of a banjo by dampening the sound of the strings on an electric guitar, the Guitar-Jo attaches easily to any flat guitar using suction cups.
£40 | $45 |


Lightpack 2

Like the look of the Philips Ambilight TV, but not the price? Plugging into your existing TV’s HDMI port, the Lightpack 2 uses video signals to produce mood lighting that matches what’s on the screen.
$130 | $160 |


Vamp Stereo and Speaker

This can connect to two speakers via cables and link to any Bluetooth device. The device is made from recycled material and has additional connections for two more speakers.
£60 | $70 |



Turn any dimmable lightbulb into a smart light that’s controlled via Bluetooth. Simply screw it into an existing fixture and then the lightbulb screws into the smart socket.
£40 | $50 |


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