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Keynote’s top ten animations

Make your presentations sparkle with these fantastic animations available in Keynote

Let’s face it, presentations don’t tend to be exciting. They are usually packed with text, boring images and more charts and graphs than you could ever imagine. But by experimenting with a few options in the Keynote app, you can take your slides to the next level. Through a series of animations you can add some great individuality to every created slide, while also editing the way your presentation transitions between one slide and the next. When exploring these animations, you’ll undoubtedly be surprised with just how many options are at your disposal. Luckily, we’ve taken out all the legwork for you and put together the ultimate list of Keynote animations you really should use to add a bit of sparkle to your presentations.

fade through colour

1. Fade through colour

For those who have used older versions of Keynote, the colour fade option certainly won’t be anything new.

However, the revised Fade Through Colour animation adds gradual darkness to the slide in question, before moving along smoothly to the next slide.


2. Iris

Iris is fairly similar to the standard dissolve effects you can see in many other presentation applications. Put simply, using this effect will cause your slide to dissolve from the centre of the screen until it reaches the edge of your window. It’s a classy effect, guaranteed to add a professional look.

colour panels

3. Colour panels

For something completely different, make sure you check out the Colour Panels effect. Here you’ll find all the elements of your slide changed into red, green or blue before miraculously changing into the content of the next slide. It’s drastic but worth a look.


4. Clothesline

For a quick and snappy transition, the Clothesline animation quickly zips between your slides, but can be customised to make the  transition even quicker. It’s the perfect choice if you’ve got a high number of slides to get through in a relatively short period of time.


5. Shimmer

For text-heavy slides, you should check out some of the excellent text animations available in Keynote.

For example, the Shimmer effect adds some sparkle to your text, before it blurs out. The rest of the slide is then taken up with the sparkle effect.


6. Mosaic

One of the more visually appealing animations is titled Mosaic. Choosing this effect turns your slide into an array of colourful squares that transform into the contents of the next slide in front of your eyes. This is one of the animations you’ll want to speed up.


7. Confetti

Okay, this is by far one of the more superfluous animations available in Keynote, but it does add a nice sparkle when used sparingly. A glittery layer of confetti will appear across the slide before switching to the next one. There’s definitely a time and a place for it.


8. Cube 

Any time you want to add an eye-catching 3D element to one of your presentation’s slides,  the Cube effect switches slides by mirroring them together and then moving across. Once again, it’s fantastic to look at and can be edited to make the transition quicker.


9. Drop

If simplicity is key for you (sometimes less is more), then you can’t go far wrong with the Drop effect. As its name suggests, this effect will essentially drop the next slide in the queue directly in front of your current selection. There’s even a nice bounce animation that follows it.


10. Grid

When used, the Grid effect zooms out of your Keynote presentation, enabling you to see an overview of each slide, before zooming in again on the next slide in the queue. The more slides you have, the more impressive this animation is.