KDE 4.11 RC out now

KDE 4.11's first release candidate shows off new versions of Plasma Workspaces, Applications, and the Development Platform.

The development of KDE 4.11 is ramping up, with the very first release candidate released yesterday for the upcoming desktop update. The final version is planned to be out on the 17th August, one month from now, and there’s another release candidate between then and now.

This release candidate contains updates for workspaces, applications and the development platform, with some specific highlights such as Qt Quick making its way more into Plasma Workspaces. This will allow for deeper integration and better apps using KDE extensions. There’s also Faster Nepomuk indexing, Kontact improvements and experimental support for Wayland display server.

Grab the latest development version now and help get KDE 4.11 ready for next next month.

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