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Just Mobile AluDisc review

How does this Mac stand... um... stand up to its competition?

Whenever a new iMac stand comes on to the market, it usually falls into one of two distinct categories. On the one hand, you can discover stands that come with various features and that also benefit from having additional storage solutions built into them, while on the other hand, some stands look to be as minimalist as possible. The AluDisc from Just Mobile definitely falls into the latter of these two categories.

As you unbox the AluDisc you’re greeted with a strikingly thin aluminium pedestal. It’s perhaps a bit thinner than what some will be expecting, but despite this, the stand as whole feels well made and robust enough to be moved around. There are no real design nuances to note on the AluDisc, instead the plain aluminium stand could be perceived as being a little bland in a lot of people’s views. To avoid any scratches on the aluminium finish, you’ll want to be careful when placing your iMac in place, as it’s easy to leave a slight scratch on the stand’s exterior.

Due to the ball bearings that sit within the stand you get a complete 360-degree motion out of it when an iMac is placed on top, while the ball bearings also keep the iMac as level as possible when in use. This makes it incredibly easy to get your hands on the ports at the rear of your iMac with a quick spin of the AluDisc. The stand itself is fairly lightweight, so it certainly seems remarkable that neither the Mac nor stand moves while spinning the AluDisc. However, the addition of the rubberised grips on the bottom of the stand does help secure it in place for the most part.

While the AluDisc will certainly divide user opinion on whether being this minimal is actually a good thing, it’s hard to argue with just how useful this stand is. Its secure build and easy-to-use design make the AluDisc a product that we can wholeheartedly recommend.


If you’re on the lookout for a feature-packed iMac stand, this isn’t for you. But if you want something that looks good and is easy to use, this is the stand you need.