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Jony Ive’s iOS 7 design will probably look like this concept

Designer Tim Green takes a look at what iOS 7 will look like under Jony Ive and produces some beautifully realistic results. We think this is the closest guess yet

iOS7 mockup - featured

iOS 7 mockup - main

With WWDC 2013 drawing near, plenty of designers are giving their take on what Jony Ive’s rumoured ‘flat’ iOS 7 will look like. While a lot of these concepts are nice, Tim Green’s post on Medium, along with his mockups on Dribbble, are probably the closest anyone’s got to getting it right so far.

iOS 7 mockup - settings

Green takes a particularly considered look at the future of iOS 7, first studying popular iOS icons and UI choices from third-party developers and then building on those to rework the Messages icon in an iOS 7 style. While Apple isn’t known for looking to others for inspiration when it comes to its designs, the proposal that it’ll follow some of the conventions laid out by third-party developers isn’t a wrong one (look at the previously Jailbreak-only features that’ve made their way into iOS, for example).

The resulting Messages icon from Green’s study is something that doesn’t stray too far away from the original (giving it that much-needed familiarity that’ll ensure any changes are easily understood and well-received by iOS’s huge user base) and isn’t completely flat (a pitfall which earlier mockups have found themselves falling foul of). Green’s Settings menu mockup also looks the part, too. Of course, we’re going to see just how accurate this is when iOS 7 is unveiled next month.