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Jolicloud 1.0 review – watch out Google Chrome OS!

Can a small team of French developers really take on the might of Google Chrome OS with Jolicloud 1.0? Linux User & Developer thinks they're in with a shot…

This article originally appeared in issue 91 of Linux User & Developer magazine.

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Jolicloud homepage
Slick installer and near-faultless interface and an excellent range of search bar options
Cons: Social networking tab only shows Jolicloud feeds; legacy apps tucked away unnecessarily

We last encountered Jolicloud back in issue 87 during the ‘Pre-Final’ stages of its development. As an operating system designed for web-surfing netbook users, it played a great game and even catered for Windows switchovers with an easy dual-boot routine from a Windows executable. Four magazine issues down the line, Jolicloud 1.0 is complete and it’s come a really long way – far enough to give Google’s ChromeOS development team something to think about.

The new and improved Jolicloud interface is a masterstroke. It’s slick, one hundred times cleaner than at the Pre-Final stage and much more attractive for it. The interface is all but completely clean barring a software install button, four tab buttons and a search bar sat across the top of the screen. The tab buttons are broken down very tidily between installed applications, files and folders and settings.

The first shows your currently installed apps for quick launching and acts as your default home screen. The second connects you to fellow Jolicloud users using Jolicloud’s own social network which permits you to interact with them and view their installed applications. The third tab caters for files and folders. Not only can you search directories and connected drives, but you can also connect directly to your cloud-based storage services including Dropbox, ZumoDrive and others. It didn’t take us long to replace the standard set folders with network shares connected to a Bubba Two home server via Nautilus ensuring we had round the clock access to our files forgoing the need for any local storage.

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