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JFTB – Reviews


Alright, you lot? We’re talking protection today, not the kind you need on the mean streets where I’m from, but protection for your beloved Apple gadgets. So, the two products I’ve got for you are from PDAir, one for your Al Capone (iPhone) and the other for your fishing rod (iPod).


The first, called the Pouch Case for iPhone will set you back £14 and it’s not for the timid. Be proud, you own an iPhone – so wear it on your belt as a beacon of your technology bling. If you love your iPhone and want everyone to see you displaying it proudly about the hip, then you need this case. Premium leather, white stitching and a belt clip provide all the ingredients you’re gonna need. If you prefer to be subtle then you can remove the belt clip, but there’s not much chance it will fit in your sky rocket (pocket). This is a good all rounder that’ll stop you scratching the iPhone should you get in any scrapes or scuffles.

JFTB rating: Nugget – Score – Pony – Bullseye – Monkey


The next offering from PDAir is their originally named iPod Nano Case and it will set you back £12.50. In my opinion this is the best case they make. Flip cases are a bit hard to manage on the bigger iPods – there’s no cool factor when there’s tons of leather and plastic flying about while you’re trying to navigate menus on a packed tube train. On a small and compact case they’re actually very lemon-tart (smart). This nano flip case is excellent. It may look like one of those key rings that holds a picture of your cat, but it actually holds some swanky technology. Nice.

JFTB rating: Nugget – Score – Pony – Bullseye – Monkey

For more information on PDAir cases check out their website at

This is a weekly column that I will be writing for iCreate so watch this space for more. You may get to hear from me on the podcast too…. Laters.