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Hello ladies and gents, we’ve seen some better weather down here in sunny Bournemouth, the snow has gone and the sun has come out. As a result Ben has been poncing about in a couple of questionable hats, made out of wicker or hemp or something…

Anyway, here are a some more bits of kit for you to take a look at:


Digital photo frames are becoming more and more mainstream these days, and why not? If you’ve got great snaps, this is the perfect way to get them in a frame as soon as possible. Despite the terrible name, the DF7220 from Parrot has some good features – you can connect it to your Mac or send pics via Bluetooth. There are a range of options for viewing including a couple of slideshow options and even some stock photos of random people for you to use if they’re better-looking than your friends and family! Unlike a lot of Digi photo frames, this one has a nice simple frame and decent resolution. Well worth a buy for £99 and a good reason to take your camera wherever you go so you can quickly upload those priceless snaps of people in embarrassing predicaments . For more information visit


Agent 18 make very good cases, including this Touch Shield for the iPod touch. They’re made from very tough plastic and have a very thin form factor, so they’re not adding too much bulk to your iPod. They clip together in two halves, offering good protection against spills whilst giving you easy access to all your ports and buttons. The only failing with this case is that it doesn’t come with a screen protector, so unless you buy one elsewhere the most vulnerable part of your iPod is at risk. Still, for £13 you can’t go far wrong and you’d have enough change from a score to buy some separate screen protectors if you really want them. For more information check the Agent 18 website at