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Jason Bradbury’s Top 10 Gadgets

Star of The Gadget Show, Jason Bradbury knows one or two things about the gizmos you want to own. When he’s not getting VIP access to latest launches for his Channel Five show, he’s at home playing with high-tech toys with his kids.

Later this month, Bradbury will also be hosting the Super Theatre at The Gadget Show Live, the UK’s largest technology event at the NEC Birmingham. The annual event will see over 75,000 tech fans gets hands-on with drones, robots, cool car tech, new games, and loads more.

The Super Theatre is a live hour-long performance showcasing the most exciting new gadgets, presented by Bradbury along with TV co-hosts Jon Bentley, Ortis Deeley and Amy Williams. For the first time, the Live Theatre will also be filmed for an episode of The Gadget Show, giving attendees to the chance to be on TV as well.

But when his day to day life is overflowing with tech, can Bradbury name his ten favourite gadgets? We put this to the TV presenter and these were his picks of the best gizmos to buy right now…

1. PlayStation VR


“I’ve used PSVR and it’s really impressive. I think the virtual reality headset will have the broadest mass appeal as PlayStation already has great games and a huge userbase. Imagine if Kill Zone was on VR – I’d kill to play that game!”

The PlayStation VR’s price has not been announced yet, but its expected to launch this autumn. For more information, visit


2. Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 Blaster


“It’s got the highest velocity of any Nerf Blaster. But rather than Nerf Elite projectiles, it shoots squidgy balls a bit like a paintball gun. It’s soft enough to shoot an eight-year-old with, but hard enough that that they won’t shoot you back! My son and I play with them all the time around the house.”

The Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 Blaster costs £30/$24. For more information, visit

3. iPad Pro


“My favourite Gadget of the month. I only recently got one, but I find the giant screen utterly enchanting and super-sexy.”

The iPad Pro starts at £680/$700. For more information, visit

4. Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil

“I also love the Pencil. Steve Jobs was wrong, having a stylus adds a new level of interactivity. I actually studied art once upon a time, at A-level, so I do enjoy a doodle. I can make it look half decent on the iPad Pro compared to how I can draw it on pencil and paper!”

The Apple Pencil costs £80/$99. For more information, visit

5. Tacx Neo Smart Trainer


“I’m a keen cyclist, but I like to ride at home with the Tacx Neo Smarter Trainer when it’s raining. It’s also great for when I don’t want to put myself in danger, like I do every time I stop at a red light in London. I also use Zwift with the Tacx Neo so I can compete against other users. ”

Tacx Neo Smart Trainer costs £960/$1,500 and Zwift costs £8/ $10 a month. For more information, visit and

6. DJI Inspire 1


“My favourite drone has to be the DJI Inspire 1. It has a 4K camera and these wicked legs on it that retract like something out of Minority Report.”

The DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 costs £2,520/$2,399. For more information, visit

7. Traxxas XO1


“The fastest remote control car that you enjoy straight out of the box. If you apply for an over-the-air update, it can exceed 100 miles per hour! I’ve actually raced this against a James Bond stunt driver, but I can’t tell you who wins – you’ll have to watch The Gadget Show to find out!”

The Traxxas XO1 costs £679/$700. For more information, visit

8. Sam Labs Inventor Kit


“Sam Labs is a little startup that has built these modules. Each one is about the size of a piece of chocolate, but one is a light sensor, another is motion sensor, and one is a buzzer. Each one is a wireless object that work with a real simple app, that allows you to start programming your very Internet of Things but without any technical understanding or knowledge of coding.”

The Sam Inventor Kit costs £100/$140. For more information, visit

9. HTC Vive

HTC Vive product 1

“By the nature of the people making it [Steam creators, Valve], I would say the HTC Vive is going to be a much more niche VR headset. But it’s also a much more open platform, so there will certainly be lots of games created for it. What’s also great about the Vive is that it doesn’t just VR, it also offers AR thanks to the front-facing cameras.”

The HTC Vive costs $800/$690 and is available to preorder. You can read how it compares to the Oculus Rift here and for more information, visit


10. Smarter Coffee Machine


“We had this on The Gadget Show and I really liked it. You can customise   everything from how coarse the beans are ground to the colour using a mobile app. As well as program it to make a coffee every morning, you can remotely order a coffee on the train home and have it waiting for you when you walk through the front door.”

The Smarter Coffee Machine costs £180/$130. For more information, visit

The Gadget Show Live will be at the NEC Birmingham from 31 March to 3 April. For more information, visit