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iWork Tutorial: Use the Styles Drawer to quickly format work in Pages

Use the full range of style themes in every template by activating the Styles Drawer. This could save you valuable time and keep your work looking fresh...

Pages is a fantastic, easy-to-use application that can have you laying out cool pages in a matter of minutes.
Each and every one of the templates available in the template chooser has its own style. This style has its own fonts, which have been picked by the design team at Apple, to complement each other and make the page work as a whole unit.
The trouble is you may not like all of the fonts, or you may wish to use them in different places. Luckily the font styles of your template can be accessed using a tool called the Styles Drawer. When activated, this is a virtual drawer that springs out of the left of your document allowing you to easily change the style of a text box you are working on. It’s so simple it requires just a single click. The Styles Drawer is a fantastic way of making sure your pages have a consistently matching and complementary set of fonts, so your work always looks good.

1: Load it, change it
Load a Pages document from the templates chooser and fill in all of the text with your new copy. If you want to mess around with styles first, you can do so with the dummy text pre-loaded in the template.

2: Menu, or shortcut
Go to the View section of the menu and select Show Styles Drawer. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Apple+T. The drawer will now spring to life on the left of your document.

3: Click away
You will see all of the fonts and font styles used in your document. You can now select a text box and then select a font style on the left and click on it to activate it. The text in the text box will change instantly.

4: Experimentation
The best way to find out what works is to experiment with different styles. A lot will depend on the content you are adding to the page and how you want it to work with other elements.

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