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iWork Tutorial: Rehearse your slideshow and customise the display in Keynote

If you want a slick presentation you’re halfway there using Keynote, but you’ll have to practise what you want to say. Luckily Keynote has a great tool to help you do just that

If you want to give presentations the way Steve Jobs does in his keynotes, you’ll need to rehearse. A lot. First of all you’ll need to build a slick, interesting and engaging presentation, which is easy to accomplish using Keynote’s broad range of tools and easy-to-access functions.
Once you’ve done this you’ll need to practise what you want to say as each slide appears. You’ll also want to check that all the animations, effects and other elements are working as strongly as they should be. Keynote has a great full-screen tool to help you do this. The full-screen nature is incredibly important as it gives you the ‘Keynote Feel’. There are timers on the bottom of the screen as you practise so you can make sure that you are adhering to any time limits, whether they are imposed by yourself or others. Not only that, but you can customise the display so it is working as hard as possible to help you hone and perfect your speech.

1: Make it, rehearse it
Once you’ve built your presentation, go to the Play section of the top menu and then click on Rehearse Slideshow. Everything will fade into full-screen mode and you can begin your presentation once ready.

2: Mouse to the top
Flick through slides to rehearse and the timers will begin. If you wish to make changes to the display, point your mouse to the top of the display and a hidden menu will appear – as if by magic.

3: Options
Click on Options in the menu and then select Customize Presenter Display. This will freeze the presentation and allow you to rearrange the elements that are present on screen. Just click and drag them around.

4: Floating window
A floating options window will also appear that will let you pick the elements that appear on screen. Tick boxes are used so you can simply click to add or remove elements from your display.

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