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iWork Tutorial: Load third-party templates

Get even more from Pages by buying and installing third-party templates

If there’s one thing we love about Pages, and indeed the whole iWork suite, it’s how much easier the templates make creating cool documents. Sadly, once you’ve had the suite for a while these can feel a little stale and in some instances a little limiting. This shouldn’t signal the end of your love affair with Pages, Numbers or Keynote or with the idea of using templates, as there are plenty of cool third- party templates out there that you can download cheaply and easily. These are a great way to get even more inspiration and to further diversify the range of work you complete using the suite of applications. We’ve got a sample pack of templates from Jumsoft on this month’s disc for you to try out, so follow this tutorial using those or you can buy the full set from the company’s website. The process for adding these templates is much like installing an application, here’s how to do it.

1: Grab from the disc or buy online
You can either buy some templates from the likes of Jumsoft online or drag and drop the free sample it has provided on our disc to your desktop. The file will appear as a DMG. Double-click it.

2: Installer
Now run the installer. This will add the files and assets needed for the template into the correct place for use in Pages. You also have the Read Me file which has more information on the templates.

3: Check Space, install
A prompt will appear telling you how much space the templates will require. If you have enough space for them and are ready to continue then hit the Install button.

4: Load it, love it
Once the installation is complete, load up Pages and you’ll see in the template chooser that the files you’ve installed now appear in their own section. Just double-click on one or hit the choose button to launch.

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