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iWork Tutorial: Create a Grand Finalé for your presentation in Keynote

Use animation in Keynote to give your presentation a climatic ending

Some might say that a climatic ending is what makes a good movie. Whether that’s true or not, it’s definitely the part that everybody remembers. Be it a movie, book, piece of music, videogame or, as in our case, a presentation, suspense, pace and drama are crucial to keeping the audience captivated. This common technique of slowly building suspense to culminate in a grand finalé is especially useful when creating presentations, particularly if you are building up to a big announcement. The example that we are using here is the annual financial report for a small business. The big announcement at the end is the net profit, so we’re going to use a combination of animation techniques in order to give it extra importance and to emphasise that this is the highlight of the presentation. Follow these easy steps to learn how.

1: Duplicate slide
Try using Magic Move to create impact. Begin by duplicating what will be the penultimate slide. Control-click and select Duplicate.

2: Resize
Magic Move works best if you resize and rearrange your images. On the duplicated slide, click on the images and drag the corner points to resize.

3: Magic Move
Go back to the previous slide. Open the Slide Inspector and select Transition. From the Effect drop-down menu, select Magic Move.

4: Format text
Type the data onto the last slide and open the Font pallete. Make the text as big and bold as you can for maximum impact.

5: Build
With the box selected, go to the Build Inspector and choose an effect. We’ve chosen Sparkle. Edit the effect by direction, order and duration.

6: Rotation
The data will appear onto the slide one by one with the effect. Once this has completed, add a rotation for extra emphasis. Click on Action and choose an effect.

7: Full circle
Edit the rotation by the direction and degrees. The Order refers to its position within the animation sequence. For more on this, tap on More Options.

8: Build Order
This menu shows a list of your animations. Drag them around to change the order. You can also determine how they are started and the delay between them.

9: Play
Play each animation from within the Inspector palette by clicking on the image, or to view the entire presentation fullscreen click Play.

Click Image to Enlarge