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iWeb Tutorial: Monetise your website

If you’re spending a lot of time creating and promoting your site, you should get something in return. Here's our guide making money from your website in iWeb.

There are ways to attempt to earn some money from your website, even if you yourself have nothing to sell. Become an affiliate and advertise other people’s goods and services. Should someone click on one of these banner ads and purchase a product, you’ll get a cut of the profits. The more your readers do this, the more you stand to gain.

iWeb already has a built-in system for this, via Google’s AdSense program. But just because Google has a prime position in iWeb’s widgets doesn’t mean you can’t advertise other products, like Amazon, iTunes or any other company you’d care to represent on your website.

We’ll show you how to can make the most of iWeb’s AdSense widget to turn your webpages into potentially lucrative sources of income. We’ll also touch on how to add other advertising options to your pages.

Step 1: Show Media
Open one of your pages in iWeb. If the media sidebar isn’t displayed on the right of the interface, reveal it by going to Window>Show Media.

Step 2: Drag a widget
Drag the Google AdSense widget from the sidebar onto your selected page. It doesn’t matter where you drop it in now, as you can reposition it later.

Step 3: Account setup
A drop-down sheet appears. You can use it to create your Google AdSense account. If you already have one, click on I Already Have An Account.

Step 4: Email submission
Otherwise, enter your email address and click Submit. Check your inbox for a Google email. Complete registration by clicking the link within.

Step 5: Confirmation
That link will take you to a page where you can add more information to your account (although this isn’t necessary to carry on with the tutorial).

Step 6: Pop-ups
You can now customise the design of your forthcoming ads to match your site, by using the two pop-up menus in the floating window.

Step 7: Page layout
You can add as many AdSense widgets as you’d like. You could, for instance, add a banner ad at the top and a few others down the side.

Step 8: Publish to view
None of the ads will show up while in iWeb. The only way you can see the results is by publishing your pages online. Click Publish, bottom-left, to do this.

Step 9: Visit site
Once your site is ready to be seen, a drop-down menu will appear. You can click on Visit Site Now to be taken straight to it.

Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations.

iWeb Tutorial: Monetize your website - annotations
iWeb Tutorial: Monetize your website - annotations