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iTunes on top


There are a few news stories floating around the web that have announced iTunes as the single largest outlet for music sales in the US.

Although many analysts believe the results that came in over Christmas were a spike caused by new iPod owners redeeming gift certificates that came with their new pressies, it looks like it wont be that long before Apple hits the top of the charts legitimately.

Apple claim to have caused the digital music revolution with the creation of iTunes and the iPod and surely the emergence of iTunes as the biggest outlet for music will surely be the last nail in the coffin for using physical media to buy and play music?

Will there be a hardcore of CD lovers who will perpetuate the medium, much as there is for vynil or will it pretty much die out like the cassette tape?

Its going to be an interesting year in that sense, and I can’t make up my mind as to whether this is a good thing or not. On the one hand I hardly ever use CD’s choosing instead to get new music from iTunes and on the other hand, unless there is a decent rival to iTunes or something is done about DRM then we could all be held to ransom by Mr Jobs and the iTunes machine…