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Its still a hard life… we can review guitars too

Having access to the creative world in a journalistic capacity has a number of benefits, we often get to test out new bits of software and hardware for our Macs and occasionally we get invited to events and sometimes there are even free nibbles. These last few months we’ve been luckier still, as we’ve had a couple of Cort guitars kicking around. The good fellows at Cort sent us a G245 and an SFX5 so we thought it would only be fair to give them a write up!

The G254 is a Strat copy with an Ibanez twist. The styling is very cool and this is one of those guitars you immediately expect to be extremely versatile; and it is. The two single coil pickups at the front and the double humbucker at the back allow for a nice range of tone variation and with a decent amp you can easily switch between styles of play. The action was really good from the offset, which can be a problem with guitars straight from the factory. We’re told that the Cort team fit and finish every guitar so that they’re ready to play out of the box and that’s definitely the case here.  You can pick the G series of guitars up online starting at around £130 which is a total bargain, if you like a Strat sound but don’t have £400 or more then Cort are more than a worthy option, check out their website where they have a huge range.

The SFX5 is an electro acoustic with a very big sound despite its very slim profile. The Fishman pickup system means you can get all the extra volume you need without having to mic up  and again, the setup out of the factory was really good. Although looks aren’t paramount when it comes to acoustic guitars, the SFX is a cool looking guitar. Its slim enough for you to use stood up without feeling  a stretch on the arms and its light enough that it wont have your left wrist feeling overworked after a couple of songs. You can get the SFX5 from as little as £280 online and again, these guitars are total bargains.

For more info on Cort guitars head to