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“It’s Only Rock and Roll” Live Coverage

Due to technical issues, we’ll be updating this page throughout the event where possible. Stay tuned and keep refreshing this page for the latest news.

Jimmy will be tweeting at (as and when we have signal!)

The Posts Start Here! 🙂

So here we go. The Stones are playing, people are still walking in. I hate people being late. Hate it. I’m just grumpy because my arse is already numb after sitting here for a half hour. Keep refreshing this page folks, it’s the only way this’ll work for us 🙂

Wow. Steve is on stage, he still looks a little frail but he’s not lost any of that charisma. Surprisingly, he’s straight into his health problems. Urging us to become donors and being, frankly, more open than we’ve seen before. That was quite a moment.

So back to to the tech, Genius for apps has come to the iPhone with iPhone OS 3.1. Here come ringtones too, $1.29 per song. Back soon…

OS 3.1 is available today.

So to iTunes. iTunes is now the number one retailer in the world and now has over 100 million accounts registered.

iTunes 9 .

Cleaned up interface.

Genius has just got smarter. Now Genius Mixes. Imagine a “genius” DJ. Mixes songs that go well together from your library.

Improved Syncing

Take control of syncs. More than albums, playlists and photos. Pick certain items that will always sync.

Also… app organisation for iPhone and iPod touch. YES!

Home Sharing

Allows sharing of media between computers in your home. Simply drag and drop within iTunes.

iTunes Store
Cleaner design. Redesigned.

iTunes LP
“We can deliver amazingly rich content digitally”. Albums now include videos, liner notes, lyrics etc Returning to the vinyl era

Examples: Dave Matthews Band, Norah Jones, The Grateful Dead

Jeff Robin is up to demo iTunes 9 now. iTunes LP looks really great. My favourite, Dave Matthews Band, was shown and we got a few secs of rocking to the new album. Always a pleasure. Nice one Jeff, now let’s get Steve back…

Steve was back for a minute or so and now it’s time for The Shchillernator! Wouldn’t be the same without him.

So 20m iPod touch sold and Microsoft have 1.1% of the market share. Great.

Lots of chat about how amazing the iPod touch is. Yes, we know. They do pander to the less informed mass media these days. I remember when these things were more focussed toward me. Hmmm

So, since my last post, Phil has slammed the competition to the iPod touch as a gaming platform. Sony and Nintendo are old and expensive. iPod touch wins, is his message.

Oh here we go, the usual time filler – “Let’s bring up some developers”. This is always quite entertaining to see how weird people act on Apple’s stage.

Ubisoft up first with Assassins Creed 2.

Hmm. The Ubisoft guy looked like he was nervous but he actually did quite well. The game looks pretty good too. Nothing “wow” about it though…

Tapulous just brought up a guy called Bart DeCreme. Let me check on that. He’s basically the developer equivalent of “Bruno”. Game looks fun.

Next up is Gameloft (our favourite). Nova looks cool. Nice FPS with snipers etc

Now EA. Travis Boatman is here and he appears not to have a personality. He has, however, announced Madden NFL10. Awesome news! Funny he came on after Gameloft who just released NFL2010!

Phil is back and telling us stuff we already know. Isn’t the iPod touch the cheapest way to get to the App Store? Well, of course!

$199 is the new price point for the iPod touch. Apparently it’s a “magic” price.

The 32 and 64 GB models are 50% faster. Um… no camera then?

There’s a new advert though! Care?

Phil Schiller. No matter how much excitement you add to your voice, nobody will clap a 20GB HD boost on the iPod Classic which remains at the same price. Unless Jobs is coming back with something impressive, this is a washout.

Oh good. We now get to listen to another explanation of Voiceover on the the iPod shuffle.

Okay, so there are new colours. Nice. $59 for 2GB and $79 4GB. But wait!

$99 Special Edition 4GB Stainless Steel edition.

Steve is back… One more thing…

Yeah… Steve just announced that the iPod nano is now going to include a video camera. I just fell off my chair. It seems they just want to mess with the Flip Video which is apparently too chunky and too expensive. This is, frankly, odd. Quality looks impressive so far.

Now we’re talking about how great the nano is. It now has a built-in FM Radio and pedometer and works with Nike Plus. Now includes Voiceover. New colours, polished anodised aluminium (notice the extra I in there US readers). All available today.

Am I just bitter because I still have an iPhone 3G so am now feeling a little hurt by my lack of video? I’m not sure but it seems this has been a bit of a let down of an event so far. Steve… are you ending the show? You’re talking about the environment, you must be. This is just filler isn’t it?

He’s finishing it up with a performance from Norah Jones. At last, some REAL iCandy.

I’m a bit bummed here. If I wanted/needed a new iPod, I would definitely get a new nano but, as it stands, I’ll just be downloading iTunes 9 and sobbing to Norah Jones.

This is nicely done. If Stevie Wonder was raising the roof with Isn’t She Lovely, I’d probably be wailing about how awesome this minor upgrade to the iPod nano is right now. The fact that Norah Jones is singing Come Away With Me makes me want to curl up in a blanket and have a nap until next September.

We’re done here folks. Going to grab a smoke and catch a look at these new releases. What were they again? All seems so low key.

Until Next Time.