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iTracker offers a glimpse of the future…

Have you ever thought that time is nearly up for the humble mouse? That at some point someone’s going to come up with a far better way for us to control our computers? The people at EyeTwig have. They’ve come up with a very cool piece of software that lets you control your mouse through the movements of your head. It uses your iSight camera to detect movement and then translates it into mouse movements.

The software costs $30 but its possible to get a fully functioning demo from the EyeTwig website. The demo only works for ten minutes but that’s just enough time to convince your mates you have developed a psychic connection with your Mac.

Seriously though, the technology behind the app is incredible and is well worth playing with, just to get a glimpse at the kind of things being developed. If this kind of program is available now, how long will it be before we have displays that can detect the movements of our hands so we can move and rotate objects?

Very cool. Check it out!