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iSlash review

Puzzles and ninjas are the perfect combination. Read on for our full iSlash review.

iSlash is a puzzle game that on the surface looks simple, but when you dig a little deeper, it turns out to be a difficult yet rewarding gem. The premise of the game is simple; perform slashes on the shape you’re shown until they’re down to a certain size indicated by the bamboo at the top of the screen. The only problem here is that the shapes have several ninja stars flying inside its frame, and your slashes must keep all the stars in one section, and cannot touch the stars either.

This both requires patience and quick fingers, and timing slashes to keep all the stars together gets tough quickly. Stars are different sizes, and some travel faster than others, meaning you need to judge a variety of elements before performing each slash.

The quicker and less slashes you use to reach the target size, the more stars you’ll get at the end of the level. In total there are 3 stars for each level, and in total there are 100 levels to complete with more being released soon.

Each level has a different shape and different elements you need to consider. Some contain metal sides which cannot be slashed through, for example. Some of the shapes are so obscure you’ll need to take a step back before slashing away at it.

Larger shapes can also be problematic, as performing slashes takes longer, and ninja stars will no doubt cross your path and require you to start the level again. This process can becomes incredibly frustrating as you hit the latter levels, but staying patient and watching the stars’ movements is key to completing it.

iSlash is extremely addictive and one of the cleverer puzzlers available from the Google Play store. If you’re looking for a new challenge to get your teeth in to, then iSlash is a title you should definitely check out.