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Accessory Review – iSAglove Silicone Armband

Manufacturer: zCover
Price: $45

Silicone cases for the iPhone are now ten a penny. Fact. So, in order to boost sales and add to the value of a product, many companies are now starting to think about different ways to make the product more agile in its uses. zCover does this well with its cases by attaching a clip to the back of the case that can then slot into a number of other accessories. One of these is an armband that comes packaged in this set. This means that for those athletic types out there who don’t favour pocketing their device while they train, they can have it strapped to a limb instead. The case itself is extremely sturdy. It does add a bit of bulk, but for the extra depth and weight it gives the iPhone you feel that, should the device fall from your grasp, it’ll be sufficiently protected. The clip that allows the attachment to other objects is a bit clunky and makes getting the case in and out of pockets a nightmare, so we were very pleased to discover that it’s removable. The great thing about this option from zCover is that if you want a single case that can be used for sports, attached to a stand in the car, or sat horizontally for movie watching then you can do so without the need to swap out cases. What you don’t get inside this pack is all of the above-mentioned items. You just get the armband, so you will have to fork out for any additional bits of kit that you require. All in all this is a good, safe and reliable product that has a number of uses and will keep your iPhone well protected.

Practicality: 7.5

Design: 7.7

Value for money: 6.5

Features: 8.0

Durability: 8.0

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.5