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Is this the start of the iPhone 5?

Pictures of a different antennae design surface online, a video is quickly pulled.

The web went a little mental yesterday after a video and some images of a casing similar but different to the iPhone 4’s were posted up online. The video has since been removed due to a ‘Copyright Claim from Apple Inc.’, which suggests this may be more than a simple hoax.

Luckily Smartphone Medic still have their pictures up, so we’re able to show them to you in all their aluminium glory. The first thing to note is that the site are claiming that these photos come from a very reliable source, but what is not clear is what the different design is actually for. It may be a brand new iPhone, the first look at a redesigned antennae system for the 5th incarnation of Apple’s device which aims to solve the previous issues.

Pictures from Smartphone Medic, featured image from Macrumors

But don’t get too excited. It could just as easily be an early design for the iPhone for that was scrapped in favour of the current design. Even  more interestingly, it may be the outer casing for the much-rumoured CDMA version of the iPhone 4, however the inclusion of a SIM card slot (which are not required on CDMA devices) seems to suggest otherwise.

Here you can see both the new black band on the casing and the SIM card slot

The most notable thing about the design is the revamped placing of the antennae, with four black bands located on the phone, rather than the current three. While more symmetrical, the design means that the location of the volume buttons and ‘silent mode’ switch has been lowered slightly. This is sure to anger users if it is the iPhone 5, as cases and bumpers for the iPhone 4 will not quite fit properly.

Even by moving them a few millimetres, Apple will incur the wrath of thousands of users if this is the new design

We’ll be keeping our eye on this story and updating you as and when it develops.

Sources: Macrumors, Smartphone Medic