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Is the iPad ageist?

• Are users struggling? • Is the interface too confusing? • New guide available to help older users

As the functionality of smartphones and tablets continues to increase, the question that many people are asking is whether some users are being left behind. Faster processors, thousands of apps and increased storage capacity may be enticing to some people, but for many the importance is usability and accessibility. While Apple has created a user interface that will feel like a second home for tech-savvy users, others can feel lost in a maze of menu screens and setting buried within apps.

The implementation of a number of extra accessibility options – including VoiceOver and AssistiveTouch – are welcome additions for those who may be restricted in their physical movements. But for those who aren’t immediately familiar with terms such as app, Home screen, pinch-to-zoom and iCloud, navigating their way around the iPad can feel a little daunting.

You can use your iPad to keep in touch with friends and family
You can use your iPad to keep in touch with friends and family

“The iPad is so popular that people of all ages are now using the device,” states iCreate Editor Jon Gordon. “For those who had previously used a Mac or iPhone, the iPad is a breeze to navigate, with many familiar apps and settings available. However, for those new to the tablet and less engaged in new technology, even the most basic of tasks can seem a little confusing, and it’s important Apple and the industry as a whole helps these people get what they want from the technology, as it remains a huge potential market for these companies.”

But while many may feel that the iPad is something they’ll never be able to get their head around, there is a solution. Tailored specifically to the older generation of iPad users, Senior’s Edition: iPad is a fantastic resource to walk people through the process. Covering all the basics, you’ll get the help and advice you need to set up your device, tailor it to your needs, and start using the apps. From taking pictures and browsing the web to playing games and watching TV shows, there’s a wealth of information on offer in this book.

Senior’s Edition: iPad is on sale now from the Imagine Shop and all good newsagents, priced £9.99.

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