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iPod Rumour Mill starts turning again

It's been over 6 months since the last iPod line refresh, which makes it high time for a few new iPod rumours...

Here at iCreate we check Apple rumour sites religiously every day, for both personal and professional interest. It seems that over the past few days there have been a few leaks with regard to the next update of the iPods, which traditionally is refreshed in September.

The first comes from a Taiwanese site, called Through a translation of their site (and a fairly self-explanatory photo) it came to light that they were claiming to have confirmation that the next iPod Nano would include a camera in its rear. They claim that a source in California sent them the photo below, which suggests that the 7th generation of the device would retain the smaller form factor and add a camera, as you can see from the hole in the top-right of the casing.

The photo shows a camera hole in the top corner
and screws to hold the clip in place on the back

This would be a strange move from Apple for two reasons. First, the camera was removed when the jump was made from 5th to 6th generation Nanos, and it would be a little strange for them to go back on this. Secondly, the proposed location of the camera would currently be under the clip that Apple made such a big part of the design last year. Obviously this could be redesigned, but the impact it could have aesthetically would be odd.

That said, the design does look remarkably similar to the current iPod Nano, which was torn-down by iFixit a few months ago. The picture of the current Nano is below, and you can certainly see the similarities. We are genuinely intrigued by the prospect of a camera being returned to the Nano, primarily because we’re not sure how many people actually used it in the 5th generation but also because it would indicate a huge space-saving effort on Apple’s part to include another piece of tech in the tiny music player.

The screw positions and general look of the current Nano
casing suggests this may actually have something to it.

The second rumour is somewhat less believeable. It comes from a source who seems to be yelling from the rooftops to anyone who will listen that they have photos of the DVT-1 Prototype iPod Touch. As per usual, the blurrycam has come out to get some pictorial ‘evidence’, as 9to5Mac report:

The button on the front of the Touch is capacitive on this model

Certainly the biggest change that we can see is the apparent inclusion of a capacitive Home button, rather than the current physical button. There other change comes in the joining of the two volume buttons to a single rocker, similar to the 2nd and 3rd Generation model.

The DVT-1 marking on the back of the casing shows this is a prototype model

The photos also seems to suggest that the device has a capacity of 128GB, an amount that has been shown on fake iPhone and iPod Touch photos for several years now. The final photo we’ll post shows the model number and this boosted capacity:

You can
just make out through the blur the model number – MC550LL

We’re pretty sure this one is either just a photoshop job or one of the hundreds of prototypes that Apple makes each year during R&D. We personally don’t expect capacitive buttons to land on iOS devices at any time soon, and as such we are pretty much discounting these images as ‘fake’, or at least ‘as good as fake’