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iPhoto Week – Day 4: Empty The Trash & Restore Your Photos

Emptying the trash may sound like a chore but getting rid of unwanted frames will help to unclog your system and increase speed

iPhoto WeekEmptying the trash may sound like a chore you think you can avoid, but the truth is that getting rid of unwanted frames will help to unclog your system and increase the speed of iPhoto.

You may not realise it, but storing your deleted files in your Trash is the same as storing them anywhere else on your iPhoto app. This means those unwanted snaps are taking up just as much memory and slowing down the processes of your machine the same amount as those privileged to remain in the Events or Photos folders. This may not seem like a massive problem if we are talking a couple of dozen snaps, but if you’re hoarding a few hundred in the dark recesses of the program’s back door, then you may find your app hasn’t been running as fast these days. The solution is simple – empty the trash. But wait! As you are about to permanently erase those botched and blurry bloopers you notice a couple of captures that suddenly offer redeeming features. The good news is that it’s not too late! Take a read through our tutorial below to discover the methods of sacking as well as saving those shots in the Trash.

1: Menu Bar
The shortcut method for emptying your unwanted snaps from the trash is to hit Shift+Cmd+Backspace. Should you want to follow the menu route you should select the iPhoto menu and plump for Empty iPhoto Trash.

2: Another way…
Another way of permanently removing frames is to single out the Trash folder on the Source Panel and select the Empty Trash option. iPhoto will now ask you whether you are sure you want to delete the frames.

3: Stop!
While browsing through the items in your trash you may come across a picture that you accidentally deleted or is suddenly showing some never- seen-before redeeming quality. Simply drag it back into the Photos folder.

4: And another way
Another way of rescuing beloved pictures is to isolate the shot in question and Control-click on it. From the pop-up menu that appears all you need to do to save the snap is to opt for Restore To Photo Library.