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iPhoto Week – Day 3: Add A Page Turn Effect

If you haven’t checked out iPhoto ’09’s bounty of slideshow options, it’s about time you tried.

MainIf you haven’t checked out iPhoto ’09’s bounty of slideshow options, it’s about time you tried. Here’s how to add a page-turn effect

No longer does the term ‘slideshow’ invoke involuntarily yawns and vividly spun excuses, as using iPhoto ’09 to create an exciting showcase of your favourite pictures is one way to guarantee excitement! Slideshows are a fantastic way of showcasing your prized pictures; whether they are from baby’s first birthday or your collection of rare roses, slideshows can take the hassle out of flicking through your frames and they allow you time to enjoy them with the audience. What is more, you can add music and captions for greater creativity. But another way to liven things up is to add a transition. There are a whole host of exciting effects to choose between, and you can affect the speed and direction of your slideshows too. In this easy peasy four-step tutorial we’ll show you exactly how to add our favourite transition – the Page Flip!

11: Open up
With a collection of images selected travel down to the plus icon at the bottom of the interface. Select this and plump for Slideshow from the drop-down menu. Pick Classic from the choice of templates.


2: Settings
From the row of icons underneath your slideshow select Settings. Opt for the tab labelled All Slides, check the box listed as Transitions, now open the drop-down menu and source Page Flip.


3: Preview and play
When ready hit the Preview icon to watch the slideshow within the Edit Suite interface. Note that when Preview is in action the icon turns blue. To watch your show in full-screen glory, hit the Play icon.


4: Export
If you are happy with your slideshow, why not export and share it? Head to the File menu and find Export, or use shortcut Cmd+E. Find Slideshow on the tabs and choose a viewing format and method.