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iPhoto Week – Day 2: Create a Photo Book Using iPhoto’s Faces Feature

Whether it’s a wedding gift or a birthday present, who wouldn’t like to receive a book of images of themselves! Find out how using the app’s Faces feature

iPhoto WeekWhether it’s a wedding gift or a birthday present, who wouldn’t like to receive a book of images of themselves! Find out how using the app’s Faces feature can do wonders for your selection process

The Faces feature offered by iPhoto ’09 has been a superb organisational tool for those of popular persuasion who are blessed to have hundreds of friends and family members on hand to appear in their photographs. The Faces feature effortlessly saves photographers valuable time seeking and storing matching faces as it’s able to complete the process in a matter of minutes. But the benefits don’t stop there. One of the bonuses of this feature is that images of individuals are holed up ready to be tapped into at the click of a button. This is ideal if you should want to make a book, calendar or card of that person – and what better gift is there? The result could make a spectacularly thoughtful wedding or birthday gift, or even a present to yourself. In this tutorial we will guide you through the process of book building from start to finish; from importing new frames to buying your custom-made book. The Faces feature will help us to organise and find our desired frames of the chosen subject of our book. We will then open a new book template using these desired shots. So whether you want to make a goodbye gift for a fond friend about to embark on a farewell adventure, a book of images of yourself, or a picture book of Grandma in all her finest from different periods of her life, then use iPhoto’s Faces feature to make something fun and memorable in no time at all.

1: Import
If you have fresh images you’d like to use for the book, insert the USB or CD containing the new frames and open iPhoto. Head to File>Import To Library.

2: Select and load

From the helpful pop-up panel select the files and hit Import. To select all the frames in the folder use the Cmd+A keyboard shortcut.

3: Add a face
Now bring up an image featuring the chosen subject of your new book and hit the Faces icon. iPhoto will find and frame the faces in the image.

4: Name that frame

Once the frames are in place (click, drag and drop to a more suitable position) enter the person’s name. Hit the arrow buttons to go to the next image.

5: Search and seek
Travel through your frames and assign the Faces feature to the same subject, helping the app to start to remember who the face belongs to.

6: Faces

Head to the Faces folder on the Source panel and find the subject you desire. Click on it, and in the suite iPhoto will list a pack of suggested matches

7: Click to confirm
From the list of suggestions click to confirm a match and hit Done. The images that don’t receive confirmation will be deleted.

8: Stretch to fit
If the app can’t find a face within the image select the Add Missing Face button. Once the name frame appears stretch it to fit and move it into position

9: Corker!

Travel into the Faces folder to locate the infamous cork board. Isolate the subject you wish to produce an album of and click the Book icon.

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