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iPhoto: How to use multi-touch gestures to control iPhoto

Utilise the brilliant Magic Trackpad to add speed to your iPhoto work rate

Using multi-touch gestures, such as swiping and pinching, can be used in a number of simple ways to help speed up your editing process. As well as using the touch pad on an Apple laptop, multi-touch gestures can be applied using a number of Apple accessories. The Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse offer near identical experiences to the laptop touch pads, enabling you to carry out the same motions.

There is a range of gestures that can be used with different tools and on varying screens, all designed to help you work faster. For example, it’s possible to simply swipe between photos to make browsing smoother, you can rotate, straighten and crop a photo with a number of simple touch gestures, and you can also zoom in and out of your photos to help with edits like red-eye reduction.

1: Scrolling through photos

When viewing your photos in iPhoto, it’s possible to use the pinch motion to enlarge the thumbnails or shrink them, allowing you to quickly adjust the view.

2: Swipe through shots

Using a three-finger gesture to swipe across the Trackpad will scroll photos, using the small thumbnails along the bottom of the screen for navigation.

3: Zooming into photos

When viewing a single photo, simply using the pinching motion will zoom in or out of your photo, enabling you to quickly inspect closer details.

4: Navigating zoomed photos

When zoomed into a photo you can use two fingers swiping across the Trackpad to move the zoomed area around different parts of the image.

5: Straighten your shots

With the Straighten tool selected, a grid will overlay your photo. With the Trackpad it is then possible to rotate the photo using a two-finger swiping motion.

6: Rotate photos

With a photo opened in the Edit screen, using two fingers and making a circular motion simultaneously will rotate the photo 90 degrees.

7: Adjust grid size

With the Crop tool selected you can adjust the size and shape of the grid box. Pinch vertically to alter the height, and pinch horizontally to change the width.

8: Cropping

Once the size of the crop box has been adjusted, place the cursor over the box and use two fingers swiping across the Trackpad to move it around the image.

9: Options window

With a single image enlarged you can simply double- tap with two fingers, bringing up a small Options window to carry out straightforward tasks.

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