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iPhoto Tutorial: Share your iPhoto albums over a local network

Access and edit photos stored on one Mac from another Mac on the same network

Information Panel
iPhoto SharingYou may have photos stored on your desktop Mac, while another photo library is crammed into your Macbook Pro. Perhaps other family members have their own Macs too. To share photos between Macs you could copy them onto a memory stick and transfer them via USB. However, if your Macs are linked to the same local network then you can share shots with greater ease from within iPhoto. We’ll show you how to set up specific shared albums in one Mac’s copy of iPhoto and then demonstrate how to access them from another networked Mac. You can even make albums password-protected, to control who can access specific images.

1: Create an album
You can make an existing album accessible from another networked Mac, or create one to be shared. Add the photos you want to share to an album.

2: Change preferences
Go to iPhoto>Preferences. Click on the Sharing tab. The Sharing window will appear. Tick Share My Photos and the name of the album to be shared.

3: Password protection
The Shared name field will automatically add your Mac’s name, but you can change this. Tick Require Password and type one in. Close the window.

4: Open another iPhoto
Open iPhoto on another locally networked Mac. Go to iPhoto>Preferences>Sharing and tick the Look for shared photos box.

5: Click the drop-down
Click on the Shared pane’s drop-down icon and you’ll see a link to the shared iPhoto library that you set up on your first Mac.

6: Type in password
Click on the shared link. If you set up a password on your shared album earlier, type it into the photo library’s Password field now. Click OK.

7: Browse shared files
Toggle open the shared photo library to see a link to any shared albums. Click on one. You can browse its shots as if they were on your own machine.

8: Copy shots
If you try to edit a shot from a shared album, you’ll be told that you can’t. But you can import from the shared album into your second Mac’s iPhoto library.

9: Edit shared files
Click Last Import to see the files that you imported over your local network. They now exist as independent and editable copies on both Macs.

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