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iPhoto Tutorial: Search and browse your photos using Places

Learn how to view your photos according to location by using iPhoto's Places feature

By using the Places feature in iPhoto, it’s really easy to search and browse through your photos according to the location where they were taken.
The majority of new cameras now have the ability to automatically add GPS data to photographs, which means that when you import your photos into iPhoto, the location data is automatically added for you. You don’t even have to have a GPS-enabled device, because it’s so easy to add the data yourself. Combine this with the fact that we are increasingly on the move, and it makes perfect sense to be able to search and browse your photos in reference to the place they were taken. With the improved Places feature in iPhoto, you can now refine your searches quickly and easily on an interactive map. You can narrow the search down to the exact spot those images were taken or you can search by country, state or city – the choice is yours.

Step 1: Places
Head to the Places icon on the left-hand menu and click. A fully interactive world map appears, with places you have taken photos indicated by a red pin.

Step 2: Countries
Browse photos by country by heading to the menu at the top of the map and selecting from the Countries drop-down menu.

Step 3: Show photos
The map will zoom in to that country. To view those photos, head to the bottom-left of the interface and select Show Photos.

Step 4: States
If you want to refine your search even further, go to the States drop-down menu and select the area you want to look at.

Step 5: Cities
The map zooms into the selected state. Select the city you want to look at from the Cities menu. If there is just one city, it’ll be automatically selected.

Step 6: Places
Search through your photos by selecting the very place they were taken from the Places menu. The map zooms into that place.

Step 7: Viewing photos
To view the photo taken at that particular location, click the arrow (it will turn blue). To view all the photos in that area, simply repeat step 3.

Step 8: Return to map
The photos are displayed in iPhoto as normal. To return to the previous map, just tap the Map arrow at the top of the interface.

Step 9: Smart Album
Create a Smart Album by heading to the bottom-left of the interface and choosing Smart Album. From this album, you can create a slideshow or share images.

Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations.

iPhoto Places Tutorial - Annotations
iPhoto Places Tutorial - Annotations