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iPhoto tutorial: How to integrate iPhoto with Facebook

Follow this simple, two-step tutorial and find out how to use one of iPhoto’s social features to add Facebook comments to your uploaded pictures in the app.

iPhoto - Facebook Integration - Featured

iPhoto - Facebook Integration - Featured
iPhoto - Facebook Integration - Sidebar
Just as Apple added Facebook support to all of Mountain Lion’s built-in apps, iPhoto also saw an upgrade that allows users to do more with their shots on the popular social network.
Of course, iPhoto has included Facebook support for several years now, first allowing you to simply upload shots using an add-on, and later offering built-in Facebook uploads, as well as the ability to view comments and likes from your friends. In the latest update, you also have the ability to add comments to the photos yourself. The interface has changed very little from the way it worked before, but you now have the ability to click below the current comments on your photo to add your own. The system isn’t as slick or well-designed as the Shared Photo Stream section of your iPhoto app, but it’s a great addition that brings all the functionality of Facebook photos to your Mac without forcing you to visit the website.

iPhoto - Facebook Integration - Step-by-Step

iPhoto - Facebook Integration - Step 1

Step 1: Syncing

First of all, you’ll need to ensure your Facebook account is set up. Choose iPhoto from the menubar and click Preferences. Choose the Accounts tab from the top of the window, hit the ‘+’ sign and log in.

iPhoto - Facebook Integration - Step 2


Step 2: Comment away

In the sidebar, a new Facebook option will appear. Click it to see all of your images from Facebook, then choose an individual album and photo. Click Info, then click below the comments to add your own.