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iPhoto tutorial: How to create photo cards and calendars

Follow this tutorial and find out how to use iPhoto’s stunning new templates to make memorable photo gifts perfect for giving away at Holidays and birthdays.

iPhoto - Create Cards - Featured

iPhoto - Create Cards - Featured
iPhoto - Create Cards - Sidebar
It’s getting towards the time of year that you’ll be out shopping for cards and giving calendars to friends and family as gifts.
And, while those you can buy from shops are perfectly passable, why not create a customised card and calendar using your own photos from the year? iPhoto gives you all the tools you need, and thanks to the new update (Mountain Lion only), there are now even more templates to use. Because all of your photos are already stored in the app, adding new shots is easy. When you’re finished getting creative, you can order blank cards in bulk to be delivered to your home, or write each one individually within the app and send them to your friends and family automatically.

iPhoto - Create Cards - Step-by-Step



Step 1: Photo choices

First, choose your photos. For calendars you’ll need more, but whatever you’re designing it’s better to choose too many, then pick the best ones later.


Step 2: Create

Hit the Create button in the bottom-right. Here you can select all kinds of products, but for now choose Card. We’ll be making a calendar in a moment.


Step 3: Card types

Along the top are three kinds of designs. Letterpress offers a premium pressed card, while folded and flat cards are glossy, with a classic greetings card feel.


Step 4: Colour options

On the right you have the choice of colours for your card. Click one and the change will show up on the card itself, and in the previews below.


Step 5: Adding photos

You’ll now enter the editing section. You can add extra photos by clicking Photos in the bottom-right and dragging them in. Move them as much as you like.


Step 6: Text editing

Click the text and you can customise it to your liking. Click Options at the bottom of the window and you’ll see a full selection of menus for changing the text.


Step 7: Calendars

The system is the same when you’re making a calendar, but with a few extra options. You can choose to add calendars from your Mac, including birthdays.


Step 8: Month-to-month

You can double-click a month and drag in new photos. iPhoto can pick photos automatically, but you may need adjust things like moving wintery photos out of August.


Step 9: Buying options

Click the Buy Card or Buy Calendar button at the bottom of the window and you’ll see this screen. It’s all linked to your Apple ID, so you can pay quickly.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 10.26.10