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iPhoto Tutorial: Batch edit information on multiple images

Learn how to edit information on multiple images in one go

Editing your photographs one at a time can be pain-stakingly dull and can take what seems like forever.
As we live increasingly hectic lives, editing photos is something we just don’t always have time to do. One of the good things about iPhoto is that you can complete some of the editing processes in batches (editing multiple images in one go), so instead of taking hours to do something, you can do it in just a few minutes. Editing information assigned to your photos is one such thing, providing the information is the same for each image. The information panel includes a title, a star rating, places and a description, all of which are optional. This means that instead of having to give each image a description or a star rating, you can just include the location details or a title for each image. By following just a few simple steps you can edit all of this or just some of it on as many as you like in one go.

1: Choose your photos
Start off by creating an album or event with all the photos that you want to edit. Tap on one of the images once and it displays a yellow outline.

2: Select multiple images
The idea is to have all the images you want to edit outlined in yellow. To do this, hold down the Shift key while tapping once on each image.

3: Select all
If the images appear in consecutive order, then tap the last image while holding down the Shift key. This will select all the images in-between.

4: Get info
Head up to the top of the interface and from the drop-down ‘File’ menu, tap ‘Get Info’. Or use the shortcut, hold down the Command key and tap ‘i’.

5: Information
The information box will appear. Tick the box of the information that you want to edit. To edit text, click in the box, drag the cursor to highlight it and type.

6: Places
To edit the location information, click in the field that says ‘Photo Place’ and select the drop-down option ‘Find on Map’.

7: Find on Map
Type the location into the search field and click return. When the search is complete, select the correct option from the choices underneath.

8: Assign to photo
Once the place has been located, you’ll see a yellow pin on the map. Head down to the blue box ‘Assign to photo’ and click on it.

9: Done
When you’re satisfied, click ‘Done’. Double check it has worked by repeating step four on any image. The info should be the same on every image.