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iPhoto for iOS: Create and share your first Photo Journal

Learn how to show off your Christmas snaps in style and share them online with friends and family using iPhoto's Photo Journals feature on your iPhone or iPad.

iPhoto iOS - Photo Journal - Featured

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Sidebar
iPhoto iOS - Photo Journal - Featured
The new iPhoto app is great for editing your snaps on your iPad or iPhone, but it’s a lot more than a simple editing suite.
In fact, some of the sharing options included are really impressive. Functions like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr sharing are built right into the app, as well as the ability to export your edited shots to iTunes, your Camera Roll, or send them via email. Beam even allows you to share photos through Wi-Fi with other iOS users nearby, in a very similar way to OS X Lion’s AirDrop feature.

However, the best-looking of all of the new sharing features is without doubt Photo Journals. At any time you can create a journal from whichever photos you like, and see it instantly set out your snaps in a beautiful grid. The grid will, at its most basic, just contain the photos you’ve chosen, but iPhoto gives you the ability to add things like maps, notes and even restaurants you visited so that you have a full photo album in one place. With a range of designs and full customisation options for where you want your shots to sit in your Journal, this is arguably the best way to share your photos with friends and family from the comfort of your iPad.

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Step-by-Step

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Step 1

Step 1: Get ready

First, choose an Album, Event or selection of images you’d like to share in a Journal and hit the Menu button at the top of the screen. Choose Journal and select the shots you want to use.

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Step 2

Step 2: Designing

Now you need to name your Journal, and choose whether you want to create a new one or add to an existing Journal. You will also have a choice of six designs. When you’re ready, tap Create Journal.

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Step 3

Step 3: On the grid

Your images will automatically be set out in a grid of square images. Tap Edit, then the Plus button and you can add things like a date, a map, a note and even the weather as a tile in your grid.

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Step 4

Step 4: Captioning

To add a caption to your image, tap the shot while in Edit mode. You should see an Add a Caption option at the bottom of the image, so tap it to bring up the onscreen keyboard and type away.

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Step 5

Step 5: Edit the grid

Not all your images will fit the grid perfectly, but they can be altered. Tap an image to see resizing buttons appear, and you can then drag the image to a smaller or larger size and shape. Tap and hold to drag it.

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Step 6

Step 6: Sharing

Once you’ve finished, tap Edit again to exit editing mode and then tap the Menu button. You will be able to view a Slideshow, or share your creation to iCloud or iTunes.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

iPhoto - iOS - Photo Journal - Annotated