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iPhone/Mac OS X App Review: MyPhoneDesktop

Use your computer to control your iPhone with MyPhoneDesktop

The iPhone has one of the best user interfaces available, but sometimes, when you’re sitting at your desk and want to work quickly it take a little time to change your thinking from a desktop perspective to that of iOS. With this in mind, jProductivity came up with this little app, then added a load of other functions to give it even more use.

It requires a combination of iOS and desktop app, and when the two are installed you’ll have control of the iPhone app through the computer. This is perfect when you’re sending long SMS messages or trying to find a specific place on a map; if you’ve ever tried to do these things on an iPhone you’ll probably know what I mean, and how much quicker you could have been if you’d had a full-size keyboard.

The interface is clean, and functions like dragging and dropping images into the desktop app to send to the phone make the whole process quick and easy. Sending was incredibly fast and we found it really simple to change the settings as we tried out different functions. You can also type and send phone numbers, as well as assign numbers to a speed dial function on your computer screen.

This is a great app if you, like me, use your phone a lot while you’re sitting at your desk. Sadly you can’t send things from your phone to your computer using this function, but there are plenty of other apps for that (Image Capture comes as standard on Macs, for example). We would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants to up their productivity in the office, or just when working at home. If you don’t have a cable handy you can use the web client available at the MyPhoneDesktop website to wirelessly send the data you want, and it’s quick too. This is perfect when you’re at a library, in a hotel or at another person’s computer.

(MyPhone Desktop is available in the App Store for £2.99 / $4.99 and the desktop version is available from the MyPhoneDesktop website)

Great interface, increases productivity hugely, and it’s fast and easy to use

A little pricey if you wouldn’t use it often