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iPhone UK: The Missing Manual By David Pogue

Published by O’Reilly (2nd edition)


This is the second version of the highly successful book iPhone UK: The Missing Manual and its author, David Pogue, rightly acknowledges that creating revisions is part and parcel of his job  “Writing computer books can be an annoying job. You commit something to print, and then bam – the software gets updated and revised, and then your book is out of date.” Poor David. No sooner has he got over his writer’s cramp caused by the first edition of The Missing Manual, and Apple goes and makes its latest lovely gadget all 3G-tastic. Still, it’s not all bad for David – the marketing savvy writer has obviously decided to beat (or at least match) Apple at its own game by updating and re-releasing the original tome. So, what’s new? Quite a lot actually, with the manual covering all the new features and apps that the 3G has to offer. Written in the same informal, witty and user-friendly style, a lot of the new content has been nicely incorporated within its colourful pages. The App Store is explained and David shows you how to organise, delete and update your apps. MobileMe gets its own chapter where there’s even a page dedicated to where David thinks the service is ‘going’ in the future. But don’t be surprised if most of his predictions have already happened considering the way the market is constantly revised and updated! While this is indeed a well-written, accessible and comprehensive guide to the latest iPhone release, it could also be interpreted as a big kick in the teeth for those of you who purchased the original version and have now upgraded to the world of 3G. While this is frustrating, we advise you that it’s not frustrating enough to warrant the second purchase of what is, fundamentally, the same book with some added extras. That said, even if you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of the iPhone, this will still be relevant to you. There are also some really useful pieces of information found in the back of the book that explain how to upgrade an original iPhone to the latest software, as well as the different O2 plans that you may want to sign up for if and when you embark on a new contract with the iPhone 3G. If you really want to get the very best from your iPhone then this is a must have guide. David Pogue is extremely well thought of in the industry and provides a great narrative on using the device.