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iPhone Tutorial: View the world with Google Earth

Google Earth offers a fascinating insight into more of the world than you could ever hope to see in person

Google Earth is a free solution that offers more than you could have dreamed of only a few years ago.
Once you get to grips with how it works, you will be flying through any city in the world and learning about the planet we inhabit in a fun and relaxing way. It’s not all about far-flung places, though, because you can also use it to view your own house and the town you live in, which makes for a somewhat convoluted satellite navigation solution, but one that is sure to give you a more realistic view than any other.

On the iPhone it is very much based around gestures, and knowing these will help you get the most from the app. With many extra features built in, it is worth spending some time exploring them, because this will help you to get even more out of it. It is addictive too, and once you start you may find yourself whizzing around the planet every day. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to make the most of the built-in features, and where the extra bits and pieces are that come together to make it an app all iPhone owners should have loaded on their phones.

1: Load it up
Google Earth is available in the App Store for free. Once you have installed it, tap the app icon and you are ready to start.

2: What to see
Agree for the app to use your current location. Now, tap the ‘i’ icon (bottom-right) and choose what you want to see from the list of options.

3: Zoom in and out
You can zoom in and out by pinching your fingers together. This works well, but you may experience minor lag when viewing the maps over 3G.

4: Tilting
Tilting your iPhone produces an even more impressive effect; it will give you a semi-3D view, which you can scroll around with one finger.

5: Find anywhere
Tap the magnifying glass, top-left, to search. For example, type in ‘New York’ to be taken straight to one of the most famous cities in the world.

6: More information
You will notice small square icons on screen that if tapped will bring up further information. Wikipedia, photos and many other sources are supported.

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