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iPhone Tutorial: Using the iTunes Store to buy entertainment

You don’t need to buy your entertainment via a computer; thanks to the iTunes app, you can do it all straight from your iPhone

The iTunes Store has revolutionised the entertainment industry; you no longer have to travel to a shop to look for and purchase CDs or DVDs.
Although the iTunes Store started with music, you can now also buy audiobooks, films, TV shows, eBooks and apps. The iTunes app on the iPhone has evolved too; accessible via Wi-Fi or 3G, it stocks every type of media you’d expect from its desktop counterpart, aside from eBooks and programs (accessed via iBooks and App Store respectively). iPod touch owners can also access the iTunes Store, but only when within range of a Wi-Fi network.
Using the iTunes app on the iPhone is remarkably straightforward and if you’re comfortable with Apple’s multi-touch interface, you shouldn’t have any problems navigating through the catalogue, finding a title and making a purchase in minutes – if not seconds.
This tutorial will guide you thought the basic concepts of the program, as well as introduce you to the interface’s customisation possibilities so that you can find the type of media you’re after more quickly.

1: Choosing what to look for
Tap the iTunes app to launch it. There are five buttons at the bottom of the interface that let you select various options. Select ‘Music’.

2: Music selection
In Music, you have three buttons at the top of the interface designed to let you browse through New Releases, Top Ten and Genres. Select ‘Genres’.

3: Scroll through
Scroll up or down until you find the genre you like, then tap on an album. As you would expect, you can buy an entire album or just select songs.

4: Preview
To listen to a 30-second preview of a song, tap on its title or its track number. That number will change into a play button.

5: Films and TV shows
For a film or TV episode, tap on Videos. You can browse through all available titles, as with Music. You can even watch a trailer or read reviews.

6: Free entertainment
If you’re looking for free media, tap on ‘More’, where you’ll gain access to other options, including all podcasts, iTunes U and ringtones.

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