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iPhone Tutorial: Use the Voice Memos app

Whether you want to record lecture notes, an audio to-do list or quickly note down a new song idea, Voice Memos is what you need

Personal digital assistant. Portable satnav. Mobile internet browser. Digital music player. Digital video camera. With every new software and hardware update, the list of duties that the iPhone can perform continues to grow. The iPhone OS 3.0 update added the Voice Memos app to the standard library of factory-installed apps, enabling us to add dictaphone to the iPhone’s already impressive list of capabilities. Voice Memos allows you to quickly record audio notes, via either your iPhone’s mic or the external mic of a handsfree kit, and store them for easy retrieval. The app’s simple interface is based around an attractive graphic of a classic microphone. Featuring one-touch operation, the notes you record with it can be synced to your iTunes library and shared via email or MMS message. Understandably, this feature can be incredibly useful, so here we present a step-by-step guide to recording and managing voice memos on your iPhone.

1: Launch app
As with any other standard app, you can launch the Voice Memos app by tapping its icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

2: Gauge level
The retro-style VU meter will respond to your voice. Just talk at a comfortable level and move the phone to and fro to set the level.

3: Record memo
Tap the Record button to record your memo. A red bar at the top shows the duration. Click the Record button again to pause the recording.

4: Manage memos
Once you’ve finished recording your voice memo, click on the button on the bottom-right of the screen. This will take you to the memos list window.

5: List view
Entries are named automatically with time and date of recording. To rename a memo, start by clicking on the blue arrow button to the right of its listing.

6: Rename memo
You can select one of the default labels such as Idea or Meeting. Alternatively, select the Custom option and manually type a new label.

7: Trim memo
To set an exact start and end point for your recording, select the memo you want to edit from the list and click the Trim Memo button.

8: Set start and end
A yellow bar will appear. Drag the handles at each end so that only the part you want to keep is selected, then click on the Trim Voice Memo button.

9: Share memos
The Share button allows you to send the selected voice memo via MMS or email. New recordings will also be added to your iTunes library when you sync.