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iPhone tutorial: Save your favourite web content with Pocket

Learn how to save those all-important articles for later reading with the help of Pocket - a stunning app that's free and available for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Featured

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Sidebar
iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Featured
Many iPhone owners have a strict routine when it comes to viewing the web.
We all have favourite sites that we like to frequent at our leisure. Sometimes, however, this process can be undermined by a lack of signal, or just a lack of time. To get round this you can use an app like Pocket which will save the stories you want to read so they can be accessed any time. For frequent travellers this app is a must. But the story doesn’t end with just storing the stories; Pocket is a deliciously designed app that makes the reading Time needed: 20 minutes experience much easier and more enjoyable than many native sites, so you may prefer to just load all of your must-have content into it ready for full digestion at a later point. Using Pocket is simple, and by far the best way is to install the free bookmarklet in Mobile Safari; this is the process that we’ll be tackling in this tutorial. Of course you will need an internet connection for this, but you will then be able to read your stories without one. Advanced features let you sync across your iPad and Mac once you’ve mastered the basics so you can get stories on all your devices. Here’s a guide to getting set up and saving your first article.

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Step-by-Step

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Step 1

Step 1: Go register

Load the app and go through the registration process. Now follow the help section until you come to the Bookmarklet Installer (above).

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Step 2

Step 2: Yellow brick road

Follow the instructions offered by the app; there are steps and diagrams to help you install the bookmarklet itself. It’s a very simple process.

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Step 3

Step 3: Navigate

You can now go to a website you want to save and use the familiar bookmark button to see this screen. Tap on the newly created Save to Pocket option.

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Step 4

Step 4: Marklet magic

When you return to the webpage you will see a handy popup that informs you the process has worked. Another popup is about to greet you…

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Step 5

Step 5: Tag team

You can now opt to add your own tags to each saved story, enabling you to organise your own reading. This is a very handy feature.

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Step 6

Step 6: Get reading

Back in the Pocket app itself you can now see all of your saved stories. These are available to you at any time, whether you have a signal or not.

Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations.

iPhone tutorial - Pocket - Annotated