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iPhone tutorial: How to make your iOS device more secure

Follow this simple, step–by–step guide and find out how to quickly add a complex passcode to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for extra security and peace of mind.

iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Featured

iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Featured
iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Sidebar
When it comes to securing your iPhone or iPad, there are all kinds of precautions you can take.
We obviously recommend that you set up Find My iPhone, which will help you track down your phone on a map if it is ever lost or stolen, before sending messages, locking it completely, or making it ring repeatedly. However, what happens between the time you lose your phone or tablet or have it stolen, and the time that you can lock it through the Find My iPhone service? If you don’t have a passcode enabled, the phone is instantly accessible by whoever has picked it up, with your browsing history, app log-ins and contact details available for all to see.

Of course, the four-number passcode lock is a simple and fast way to secure your phone, but even that is less than secure – as you press the numbers they light up blue, so anyone watching over your shoulder can instantly crack your device. Thankfully, though, there is a much more secure way to lock your phone to potential thieves. You can change the standard four-number passcode lock to a complex password that involves an unlimited number of letters and numbers. It might take a little longer for you to unlock your phone, but it will also ensure that, if your phone is ever stolen, it will take a lot longer, or be completely impossible, for whoever has taken it to break in and steal any of your data. Here’s how to set one up.

iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Step by Step

iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Step 1

Step 1: Settings

To find the passcode options, open the Settings app and choose General from the list. You’ll need to scroll down to find the option you need; tap Passcode Lock when you find it.

iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Step 2

Step 2: Too simple

By default, when you enable a passcode it will be a simple four-digit number. To make your password more secure, slide the switch next to Simple Passcode to Off.

iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Step 3

Step 3: Enter passcodes

To progress, you’ll be asked to enter your current passcode, then you’ll be prompted to create a new, complex passcode. Confirm it by entering it again and it will be set.

iOS Tutorial – Complex password – Step 4

Step 4: Lock it up

Now, when you next attempt to unlock your phone, you will see this style of unlock screen. Enter the new passcode and tap the OK button to open your phone up.