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iPhone Tutorial: Gifting and redeeming apps

With more and more people owning iDevices, apps are an inexpensive and fun gift that everyone can enjoy. We show you how to gift and redeem them...

Apple’s tremendous success with the iTunes Music Store showed that it could succeed where others had failed in selling digital music. As the store expanded to include movies, games and apps, the name eventually simplified to the iTunes Store, and it became even more successful. Part of the reason for this is its simplicity. Apple makes it easy for you to buy things, and as a result you are more likely to do so. The company offers iTunes gift cards, which you can give to someone to use the code contained within it to buy any content from the store. This is also possible for individual items, including apps. It’s almost the same as the process of buying something for yourself, except that you can choose who to send it to by email, and that person will receive a message containing a link to download the app. For them, it will be free as you will already have paid. They can either redeem the app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or on their Mac or PC using iTunes. In fact, you can even choose to print the gift out as a hard copy, to send via regular mail. All in all, it’s a great way to show someone you care…

1: Locate the app
In iTunes, find an app that you want to give to someone, then click on Buy App and, from the drop-down menu, choose Gift This App.

2: Enter the details
In the next screen, enter your name and the email of the person you’re sending to. Click Continue and iTunes will ask you to confirm the payment.

3: Get the email
Find the email on the iDevice. If you have received it on your Mac you can forward it and then open it on the iPhone. Click the Redeem Now button.

4: Sign in
Your iPhone will open iTunes and you may well be asked to sign in. The app will begin downloading in the background automatically.

5: View the app
Come out of the iTunes app and you should see the app has downloaded to your phone. Fire it up to check that it works okay.

6: Back up the app
Next time you connect your iPhone to iTunes on your Mac, you should see it appear in the Apps section. Choose Transfer Purchases to copy it over.

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