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iPhone Tutorial: Access Ping from your iPhone

Ping is so integrated into iTunes that you can get into it straight from the iTunes app on your iPhone or iPod touch

With Ping, Apple entered the social networking world. Its focus is based around music – specifically, music available from the iTunes Store. The aim of Ping is to make it easier for you to find new music you might like, but rather than relying on a machine or a series of algorithms to propose new groups and tracks for you to enjoy, those recommendations will come from friends and other people you choose to follow.
Ping is integrated within iTunes 10, so you can find, listen to and purchase new tracks from there. Ping is also part and parcel of your iPhone’s iTunes app under iOS 4. So how do you access it? If you’ve already signed into Ping from iTunes 10 and your Apple ID on your iPhone matches the one you use in iTunes (which it almost certainly does, unless you happen to juggle multiple iTunes accounts), then you’re already good to go. Otherwise, it’s a simple matter to alter your account details on your iPhone (by tapping on Settings, then selecting the Store menu). Once registered, open the iTunes application and you’ll be ready to dive into Ping.

1: Tap on Ping
In the iTunes app, tap on the Ping button at the bottom of your screen (if it isn’t there, tap on More as your button configuration could be different).

2: Sign in
If you haven’t registered an iTunes account on your iPhone, you’ll be asked to do so now. You can use an existing account or create a new one.

3: Activity
You’ll be presented with your Activity page, where you’ll be able to see what all the people you follow have been up to since you last logged in.

4: Like and comment
If you like a song or wish to comment on someone’s choice, just tap on the relevant buttons directly beneath the track in question.

5: Follow artists and people
You can see if a friend started following a new artist or person. If so, tap on the latter’s name, straight from your feed, to read about and follow them.

6: People
The People page lets you browse through a list of people you follow and those that follow you. Use the Search field to locate more people to follow.

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