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iPhone and iPad Curly Cable – I Want One of These

This extendable USB cable for iPhone and iPad is sure to make your life a lot easier...

How many times can you remember where you’ve been using your iPad or iPhone and it’s been in desperate need of charging? And how many of those times did you want to carry on using your device, but not been able to because of how short the charging cable is that comes in the box? If you’re anything like us the answer to those two questions will be ‘lots’.

Now, though, it looks like a solution is on the horizon. The Curly Cable is, as you might expect, a cable that is curly. This means that while it is incredibly portable and easy to store, it also has the ability to extend to a length of 240 cm. That is more than twice the length of a standard white 30-pin cable that comes in the box with iOS devices, and it means that you can easily plug it in and carry on using your device while charging.

The Kickstarter project for this idea has not only hit it’s target of $1,500, it’s blown it so far out of the water that the target looks like a tiny speck on the horizon. Currently, with three days left of the project’s funding, the total stands at a staggering  $24,000, which could have funded the project 16 times over. Looks like a lot of people have a problem, then.

This isn’t the first cable of it’s kind, but we’re hoping that it will turn out to be one of the easiest to get hold of. Check back some time next month and hopefully the Curly Cable developers will have started their manufacturing process.

You can currently still back the project; $15 will get you a Curly Cable when they are finished, along with lots of other offers depending on how much you are willing pledge. Head over to the Kickstarter page for more information