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iPhone 6 and beyond – The future of the iPhone

The iPhone 5S and 5C have been revealed, but what could the future iPhone look like?

So we now have the confirmed final designs and colours for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. We like them, although they aren’t all that different from what we’ve seen before. It got us thinking though, what could the next iPhone look like?

There have been plenty of concept artists who have attempted to tackle the future of the iPhone and we’ve collected some of the best for your assessment. Which do you think looks the most likely?

Curved Glass iPhone


Born from talk of a curved glass, AMOLED display, this would be a major change to the look of the iPhone.

Thinner, lighter, stronger


Perhaps a slightly more realistic approach to a new iPhone design. It follows the principles of the iPad’s evolution with thinner bezels and body.

Tall, Grande and Venti


Another approach that looks to create more screen real estate, this design moves the Home button to the side of the phone and introduces a mini iPhone as well as a much taller design.

Edge to edge


Looking again at that concept of edge to edge screen design, ADR Studio has also switched the home button for an Apple logo and played with some of the buttons a little.

The glass iPhone


This is an idea that comes up again and again. In fact you’ve probably seen a few transparent phones in sci-fi movies and TV shows in recent years. Is it practical? We’re not sure, but it’s certainly an interesting take.

Wrap around screen


A different interpretation of what a curved display would allow, this iPhone concept would see the screen continue on both side with all controls on the device made touch sensitive. Would Apple finally move away from buttons with the next iPhone?

The retro revival


Apple has rarely been a company that looks backwards too often, but with the iPhone 5C we hold out hope that this concept could be made a reality.

Curved device


Why not a curved devise rather that a curved screen? This concept looks like the iPhone and Magic Mouse hooked up and decided to start a family together.

More colours


Like an episode of Mastermind, Apple has started so it may as well finish. The next logical step could be a larger range or gloriously colourful iPhones.

Complete departure


Let’s throw out the rule book altogether for a moment. Who says that the next iPhone has to look even the slightest thing like the old ones? Well, perhaps developers wouldn’t be too happy about having a strangely curved screen, but we rather like how bizarre this idea is.