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iPhone 5S: Key components discovered [Rumour]

French site claims to have discovered Home button, vibration device and volume control components for the next iPhone

According to french site, new components for the iPhone 5S have been discovered via Japanese vendor Moumantai. This discovery adds to a growing tide of iPhone 5S rumours that have been mounting in recent weeks, adding more weight to an earlier than expected release this summer. However, Apple has made no comment on the subject at this time. (translated through Google, so mistranslation may be an issue) has compared the Home buttons it has found to that of the iPhone 5 to show how similar they are, although it gives no indication of a fingerprint scanner (that had been rumoured elsewhere). The only real difference is the flex cable that attaches to the logic board. Whether its shape gives any clue to design changes for an iPhone 5S is hard to say based on this one detail.

The other component found was a vibrator for the iPhone’s notifications and game feedback attached to mute and volume controls. This is apparently a little more compact than the original design of the same component in the iPhone 5.

Clearly this is all very small stuff, but interest in Apple’s next move with the iPhone has ramped up significantly since the announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 (which you can see compared with the iPhone 5 here). This new rumour also comes in the same week as camera and processor details were rumoured to have been discovered. We’ll do our best to keep you posted on any new updates or word from Apple on all these stories.

[Concept image from Valentin Gallard]