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iPhone 5S Coming in June with “SuperHD” display, NFC (Analyst)

An analyst is predicting a June launch for the iPhone 5S, which will feature a SuperHD display, improved camera and NFC, and be available in multiple colours

Jeffries analyst Peter Misek has claimed that Apple’s next iPhone, which he has referred to as the iPhone 5S, will be launched June with a slew of new features. Business Insider summarises Misek’s suggestions, which include the addition of NFC, a ‘SuperHD’ screen and an improved camera.

He is also claiming that the new model of the iPhone will ship in multiple colours, much like the latest 5th-generation iPod touches, along with an improved battery life compared to the iPhone 5.

The ‘SuperHD’ claim is the most interesting, though, as it would suggest that Apple is working on a screen that is of a higher pixel density than Retina displays. It is unlikely that the company would boost the pixel density again after such a big upgrade in the 4th- and 5th-generation iPhone, and that it would ditch the Retina branding after such a strong marketing push.

While we’re always skeptical of any claims made by an analyst, Misek isn’t the first to claim that the iPhone 5S is incoming – reports from Asia suggest that Apple is beginning pre-production of the new model early in the new year.

Ultimately, however, Misek is simply making educated guesses. We’ll have to wait at least a few months until we know anything for sure regarding the next iPhone – take these predictions with a pinch of salt.